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        我的旅行計劃 英語作文范文三篇

        作者: admin來源: 網絡文章 時間: 2022-10-10


        I am going to Beijing. Although I haven't set out, I have made my travel plan. There are five days for me to travel. But I only have three days to have a good look of Beijing, because the first and the last day I have to spend on the transportation. The first day, I will start early to Guangzhou by bus and then take the plane for 1:00pm. Then I can be Beijing about 4:00pm. Then I will take the subway to my aunt's home. After a whole night rest, I will go to climb the Great Wall the second day. The third day, I will visit Tian An Men, the Imperial Palace and the Summer Palace. In the evening, I will visit national stadium. The fourth day I will visit some old town in Beijing and eat some local food. The fifth day, I have to go back home. This is my plan.

        我就要去北京了。雖然我還沒開始出發,但是我已經制定好計劃了。我有五天的旅行時間。但是我只能在北京呆三天,因為第一次和最后一天的時間我都要花在交通上。第一天,我會早早地坐車到廣州,然后乘坐下午1:00的飛機。大約下午4點我就可以到達北京了。然后我會坐地鐵去我姑姑家。經過一個晚上的休息 后,第二天我就會去爬長城。第三天,我會去參觀天安門,故宮和頤和園。晚上,我要去參觀國家體育場。第四天,我會參觀一下北京的老城區,嘗嘗當地美食。第五天,我就得回家了。這是我的計劃。



        The summer holiday is coming soon.Qingdao,one of the most beautiful cities in China,is fantastic for me.


        The first day,I will go to the beach.Qingdao is famous for the seafood,my friend tell me that the seafood in Qingdao is very delicious.And I will bring some seafood as presents for my parents and friends.


        I think I will go to the Zhongshan Park the second day. There are many different kinds of animals.


        The last day I will go to the Qingdao Beer Museum.Then the shopping mall is also important for me.




        I want to visit Xi'an in my winter holiday. I will go there by train. On the first day, I will visit Terra Cotta Warriors. I like history. On the second day, I will visit the city wall and eat tasty food. And on the last day, I will go shopping and buy gifts for my family and friends.



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