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        作者: admin來源: 網絡文章 時間: 2021-08-22

        white-hot Training in the Society





        White-hot Training in the Society

        A recent survey indicates that all increasingly large number of people attend various training enthusiastically.And there has been a heated argument about whether people should attend it.Different people hold different views due to their financial conditions and personal inclinations. Many people attend various training willingly for the sake of a high mark on the academic records or getting different certificates.As for me.I am in favor of going against training.

        For one thing,the aim of training is to help people pass all kinds of examinations and it mainly focuses on the teaching of examination skills, and it never trains people to think creatively and even restricts their efforts in getting command of the knowledge.For another,people spend so much time participating in various training that they cannot spare enough time for the new or creative job.Moreover,the tuition fees of the training are usually high,thus laying great financial burden on people.

        From the above analysis,attending training will do people no good, and it is time-consuming as well as costly.Therefore,more and more people should be aware of the disadvantages of various training.


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