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        電話 The Telephone

        作者: admin來源: 網絡文章 時間: 2021-08-22

        The telephone is one of the most welcome(受歡迎的)and useful electrical devices(電器)ever invented.No wonder(無疑)more and more families have got to use their own telephones today.


        The telephone makes things easy in many ways.Especially,after the mobile telephone(手機)appears,communication of information(信息的傳遞)becomes more easy and rapid.To students and people going out for business far way from(遠離......)their homes,the tele-phone can shorten(縮短)the distance from their parents and wives and husbands and children.Thus they will get comfort in mind whenever they are homesick(想有的)or they run into(遇到)trouble.With the help of the telephone,people can keep in touch with(與......保持)anyone at any time and any place for urgent('緊急的)help.In such a case,the telephone is especially important,When we read an advertisement(廣告)in a newspaper or watch it on TV.we can ask for(尋求)more in-formation of a product(產品)through the telephone and even place an order(訂貨).

        電話在許多方面給人帶來方便,尤其是移動電話的發明使信息的交流更加方便快捷。 對于遠離家門的學生和出差人員來說,電話可以縮短他們與家人(父母、妻子、丈夫和孩子)的距離。因此,無論何時他們思念家人或者陷入困境時,就可以通過電話獲得精神上的安慰。有了電話就可以隨時隨地且很容易地與他人聯系,遇到緊急情況就可以打電話求助。 在這種情況下,電話尤其重要。當我們在報紙或者電視上看了某種產品的廣告后,可以通過電話詢問信息,甚至與公司訂貨。

        All in all(總之),the telephone is so helpful that we can say that nowadays(現在)we can't live without the telephone in our daily(日常的)life.We will further improve the performance(功能)of the telephone so as to create(創造)better conditions for its development.

        總之,電話是如此有用,以至當今,我們在日常生活中離不開電話。 并且我們將進一步改進電話的性能,為其發展創造更好的條件。


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