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        我給奶奶的特別禮物 My Special Gift for Grandma

        作者: admin來源: 網絡文章 時間: 2021-08-21

        During winter vacation,I spent my lucky money on a special gift for Grandma.


        One Friday after noon,I went to a cellphone store and chose a large button phone specially designed for seniors.I gave it to Grandma when l came to visit her at the weekend.Upon receiving the phone,Grandma was very happy and couldn't wait to learn how to use it.1 explained all the important functions patiently to her and she listened carefully and learned quickly.After that,she wanted to have a try.With my help,she gave her friend a call successfully.

        一個周五下午,我去了一家手機店,選了一個專為老年人設計的大按鍵電話。在周末去看望奶奶時我把手機帶給了奶奶。 收到電話,奶奶很離興并迫不及待地想學會如何使用它。 我耐心地給她解釋了所有重要的功能,她認真地聽并且學得很快。之后,她想試試。在我的幫助下,她成功地給她的朋友打了一個電話。

        In the late afternoon,Grandma told the neighbors proudly that she could make calls with the new phone her grandson bought her.All the neighbors praised how thoughtful I was.



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