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        行動勝于語言 Actions Speak Louder than Words

        作者: admin來源: 網絡文章 時間: 2021-08-21

        In picture one,a man is trying to put up a banner on a lonely tree surrounded by stumps,but he failed,In the other picture a couple are happily planting trees.


        These two pictures remind me of a famous saying:Actions speak louder than words.Now the earth is in bad condition.In some places,the air and water pollution is so serious that many animals and plants are in danger because of the destruction of their habitats.It's time that we took actions to better the environment.

        這兩幅圖讓我想起了一句著名的諺語:行動勝于語言。 現在地球的狀況很差。有些地方,空氣和水污染很嚴重,很多動植物因為生活環境被破壞而瀕臨滅絕。到了我們采取行動改善環境的時候了。

        Luckily,millions of people have realized the problem,doing something good for the earth.For example,cleaning up waters,giving speeches to call on more people to take actions.But this is far from enough.To make a difference,we should match our words with actions.

        幸運的是,許許多多的人已經意識到了這個問題,做了一些有益地球的事。例如清理水域,進行演說號召更多的人行動起來。 但是,這還遠遠不夠。為了達到效果,我們應該言行一致。


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