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        Directions: Write a composition entitled Waste Separation from Your

        Campus. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

        1. 大學生垃坂分類的意識仍然較弱;

        2. 垃坂分類的重要意義;

        3. 垃坂分類應該從校園做起。


        Waste Separation from Your Campus


        It's no doubt that university campuses will produce a large amount of rubbish everyday, however, there are fewer college students paying attention to its classification.

        毫無疑問大學校園里每天都會制造大量垃圾,但是,注意垃圾分類 的大學生很少。

        Factually waste separation is vital to create an environment-friendly campus. Firstly, waste separation does great contribution to the environmental protection. Since some of waste is recyclable, while other is unrecyclable, if all the students could voluntarily differentiate recyclable rubbish from unrecyclable rubbish, the risk of the environmental pollution will be greatly reduced. Secondly, waste separation could save a lot of energy and time on its processing.

        其實垃圾分類對創造環保型的校園來說至關重要。首先垃圾分類對 保護環境貢獻很大。由于一些垃圾是可循環利用的,而另外一些是不可 循環利用的,如果所有學生都能自主地把可循環利用和不可循環利用的 垃圾區別開來,對環境造成污染的風險會大大降低。其次,垃圾分類能 使人們在處理垃圾過程中節省大量的時間和精力。

        With the rapid increase in the amount of rubbish at the campus, rubbish classification does not permit of any delay. On the one hand, as the well- educated people, college students should act as hosts of the universities and separate waste from this moment in their daily life. On the other hand, university authorities should strengthen students' awareness of environmental protection and suide students to separate waste in a reasonable way. (166 words)

        隨著校園垃圾數量的快速增加,垃圾分類刻不容緩。一方面,作為 受過良好教育的人,大學生應該以大學主人自居,從現在起,在日常生 活中就把垃圾進行分類。另一方面,大學校方應該加強學生的環保意識, 引導學生用正確的方式對垃圾進行分類。


        recyclable adj.可循環利用的

        unrecyclable adj.不可循環利用的

        well-educated adj.受過良好教育的


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