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        關于職業規劃的英語作文 Occupational Planning

        作者: admin來源: 網絡文章 時間: 2016-09-13

        In today's the talent competitive society, occupational planning becomes an important tool in this battle. Career life is limited for everyone, so people have to plan it effectively or lots of time must be wasted. Therefore, I have made an occupational plan for myself.


        I am now a college student. I'm active, talkative, optimistic and patient. In my spare time, I often read books, listen to music, watch movies, go running and like making friends and challenge. But I don't kids kinds and the ability of self-control is not good. I would ask my classmates to supervise me and try my best to firm conviction. I like English very much and I am good at it, too. So I think being a high school English teacher is what I want. I must be an excellent teacher. To achieve this goal, I have to make a plan for it. Firstly, I have to take the advantage of school to learn English well. After all, if I don't master the knowledge, how can I teach to my students? I need to past TEM-8 in the fourth year to certify my English ability. Secondly, I would try my best to be our class monitor. Being class monitor can bring the experience for me to manage students in the future.


        To sum up, having a plan is good, but practical action is much more important. According to my own situation, I would follow my plan to reach my goal. I believe I can success one day.



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