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        1. It has the following advantages.它有如下優勢

        2. It is beneficial/harmful to us.==It is of great benefit/harm to us.它對我們有益處

        3. It has more disadvantages than advantage.他有很多不足之處 十、表示重要、方便、可能

        4. It is important(necessary/difficult/convenient/possible)for sb to do sth.對于某人做……是……

        5. It plays an important role in our life.

        6. We should take some effective measures.我們應該采取有效措施

        7. We should try our best to overcome/conquer the difficulties.我們應該盡努力去克服困難

        8. We should do our utmost in doing sth.我們應該盡力去做……

        9. We should solve the problems that we are confronted/faced with.我們應該解決我們面臨的困難

        10. Some changes have taken place in the past five years.過去五年發生了很多變化


        1. I will conclude by saying… 最后我要說…

        2. Therefore, we have the reason to believe that…因此,我們有理由相信…

        3. All things considered,總而言之 It may be safely said that…它可以有把握地說……

        4. Therefore, in my opinion, it's more advisable…因此,在我看來,更可取的是…

        5. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that…通過以上討論,我們可以得出結論…

        6. The data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that…通過數據我們得到的結論是,…

        7. It can be concluded from the discussion that…從中我們可以得出這樣的結論

        8. From my point of view, it would be better if…在我看來……也許更好

        9. Let's take…to illustrate this

        10. let's take the above chart as an example to illustrate this


        引出不同觀點: People's views on vary from person to person. Some hold that . However, others believe that.人們對的觀點因人而異.有些人認為,然而其他人卻認為 People may have differen...[閱讀全文]

        二、用于描寫圖表和數據 1. It has increased by three times as compared with that of 1998. 2. There is an increase of 20% in total this year. 3. It has been increased by a factor of ...[閱讀全文]

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