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        1. 如何寫申請信的開頭

        1) I amwriting in response to your advertisement in… 看見你在…刊登的廣告之后我寫了這封信。

        2) …interestsme, so I'm writing to apply for the position of… 我對…很感興趣,所以我寫信是為了申請…

        3) I thinkI am the right person for the position you advertised, and my reasons are asfollows. 我認為我適合你刊登的這個職位,我的原因如下。

        4) I amglad that I am quite qualified for the job, so I am writing to apply for thevacancy of… 很高興我認為我能勝任這份工作,所以我寫信申請這個空位。

        5) Seeingthe advertisement, I am writing the letter to recommend myself as a qualifiedcandidate for the job of… 看到廣告之后,我寫信毛遂自薦,認為自己是這份工作的合適人選。

        6) I'm…(自我介紹),I'm interested in… (自我介紹)…我對… 很感興趣。

        7) I haveread in the newspaper that a +職位 is wanted in your company,I believe I can be fit in it. 我從報紙上得知你們公司需要一個…,我相信我能夠勝任這份工作。

        8) I'mwriting to tell you that I'm suitable for the job you are advertising. 我寫信是想告訴您我很適合您招聘廣告中的工作。

        9) I'mwriting this letter to inquire about the possibility of… 我寫信是想詢問一下能否…

        2. 如何寫申請信的結尾

        1)Shouldyou grant me a personal interview, I would be most grateful. 如果你能給我一次面試的機會,我將萬分感謝。

        2) Thanksfor considering my application and I am looking forward to your early reply. 感謝你能考慮我的申請,期待你的回復。

        3) Anyfavourable consideration of my application would be appreciate. 如果你能考慮我的申請,我將十分感激。

        4) If youneed to know any more about me, please contact me at… 如果想了解我的任何信息,請按照這個方式聯系我。

        5) I hopeyou will be kind enough to consider my application favorably. 我希望你能考慮我的申請。

        6) I shallbe much thankful if you will offer me a precious opportunity to an interview. 如果你能給我提供一個寶貴的面試機會,我將不勝感激。









        Dear Sir/Madam,I'mLi Hua, an exchange student from China during this summer vacation. I'm delighted to learn that volunteer students arewanted for a Chinese painting exhibition to be held in the local art gallery. Now I'm writing to apply for the position.Thereasons for my application are as follows. First of all, having been exposed toforeign teachers since a young age, I can communicate freely with others inEnglish. What's more, years of being monitor makes me a brilliant organizer,which will help a lot to keep the exhibition in order. The most importantfactor is that my related knowledge will undoubtedly help the audience learnmore about the unique Chinese art form.All in all, my sense of responsibility will make me a qualifiedvolunteer. I'd appreciate it if you could take my application intoconsideration.Yours,Li Hua


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        二、用于描寫圖表和數據 1. It has increased by three times as compared with that of 1998. 2. There is an increase of 20% in total this year. 3. It has been increased by a factor of ...[閱讀全文]

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